How to post a guide

Extra Guides (usually player-made) that can help you in your journey here.
Any good & accepted guide can grant you 100~300 credits.
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How to post a guide

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Anyone from our community can submit hand-made guides that are not copy-pasted and that are in line with our custom settings / features.

You can make a guide about almost anything related to our server(s). Starting from events, characters, gameplay, tips & tricks, etc.

In order for your guide to be approved it must be manually accepted by one of our staff members, and to achieve that it must contain:
  • Character name of the submitter (for the potential reward).
  • Clear information that is respecting our settings.
  • At least 2 photos.
  • Minimum 200-250 words.
  • Your own words (copy-paste is forbidden).
  • Decent formatting.
If the guide is accepted it will appear along the other already existing guides and players can use it for inspiration.

Any accepted guide will grant you 100~300 credits depending on the subject, information and the work you've put in it.
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